Frequently asked questions

How many passengers can the boat carry?

The boat is now able to carry a maximum of 10 passengers and 2 crew including the skipper

Are there any age limits

No, we are happy to have children onboard providing they are accompanied by a responsible adult. our youngest regular angler started fishing with us at the age of 4.5 years

is there any access for less mobile anglers?

The boat has a large stern door and platform that allows for easy access onto the boat and the boat has plenty of clear level deck space to move around on. it is large enough to fit standard wheelchairs but access down to the boat is via stone steps with a good handrail. provided you can manage stairs with assistance we can get you out fishing. This may change in the future or we may be able to use pontoons in another harbour!

How much does it cost.

our current prices for the 2020 season are:_ basic 4hr trip £25 each basic 8hr trip £45 each small group 8hrs, £250 (max 5 anglers) whole boat 8hrs, £450 (max 10 anglers) night trips 8hrs, £450 (max 8 anglers)